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Did you know 1 out of 3 children are living in single parent home?

By becoming a Platinum Partner with us, this will allow WFAPF to continue to provide real help and hope to the families that need you now.  Becoming a Platinum Partner your agreeing to give as little as a $1 a day can impact someone's life and change the trajectory of their circumstance. We couldn't do this with out your generous donations! Thank you #Platinumgivingpartner

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In my profession a lot of people ask me where I am coming from. If I have time I explain them that I come originally from that place we call Spain, but that I don’t feel Spanish, I just feel a citizen of the world, a person, a human being… that I don’t see nationalities, I see people, and that the people that are trying to do “good” in this world they are my brothers, no matter where they are coming from. We are just a humanity, and any other category is limiting for starting to think about commonwealth and peace.  Ying yang, the unity.

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